Role of Manass


Our aim is to make a painless society. We extend our hands to serve the mankind and preserve the nature. We don’t give just hope; we give food, clothes, shelter, medicine, and  we give a hand for help and a shoulder for solace  and ensure a better life.


To become an organisation with maximum number of members, who can continuously work together to give a better life to each & every person who deserves and thus show that the world can be changed with just strong desire and mindset.


  • To motivate all to serve society
  • To encourage everyone by passing the message that they themselves can make changes to the world.
  • To help people who are struggling in life.
  • To assist people by properly utilizing their contributions towards social causes.
  • To build-up a strong network of service-minded people.
  • To make sure that support is given to all who deserves.
  • To make a painless society.